Virtual Mailbox - $11.99/mo.

  • Local Mailing Address
  • We’ll collect your mail and make sure you get it. Does not allow for signed mail service or packages.

Virtual Office - $50/mo.

  • Virtual Mailbox service
  • Discounted drop-in day pass - $30

Hot Desk - $250/mo.

  • Virtual Mailbox service
  • Discounted Meeting Room Rental - rent the common room at night or on the weekends.
  • Access to Any Open Spot in The Common Room - come anytime from, 9-5 Monday-Friday. Office closed on holidays.

Dedicated Desk - $350/mo.

  • Virtual Mailbox service
  • Same Desk - set up your workstation any way you like. You have access to 2 lockable drawers.
  • 2 Hour Common Room Rental- rent the common room for 2 hours a month at nights or on weekends. Must book the space through the scheduler. First come first serve.

Executive Desk - $550/mo.

  • Virtual Mailbox service
  • Same Desk- set up your desk however you like. Leave your computer if you would like. Have access to 2 lockable drawers for your important paperwork.
  • 8 Hour Common Room Rental- book the common room for up to 8 hours a month at night or on the weekends. Must use the scheduler to book the space. First come first serve.
  • 2 Hours of Virtual Assistant Work- utilize the Virtual Assistants to help you with your online business needs. This can include checking your business email, posting to your social media accounts, or correspondence to name a few tasks. All tasks must be approved by the R Space staff.

Next Steps...

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