Virtual Mailbox - $11.99/month

Get a real-world street address to use for your business. Your important mail gets forwarded to you.

Virtual Office - $50/month

Get access to the virtual community of entrepreneurs that are just like you. Best for those that need to add professionalism to their home-based business.

Hot Desk - $250/month

Pick your favorite open seat and get to work with your laptop. Perfect for those that need a change of pace during their workweek.

Dedicated Desk - $350/month

Leave your desk set up so it’s ready to go every day you come to work. Great for those that are looking for a daily routine.

Executive Desk - $550/month

Best for those that need a dedicated desk and access to other professional services to grow their business.

We Are the R Space Community

We’re Austin and Keelie Reason, creators of R Space. We’ve been online entrepreneurs for 6 years. Just like you, we’ve loved our work from home jobs, but we’re missing something important- and that’s you!

In the past year, our website management business has soared and it’s largely been due to our increased interaction with our community. We’ve gotten outside of our online presence and started hitting the streets to reach our target audience. Because of that, we realize just how important word of mouth still is in marketing your business.

Not only that, our opportunities have grown beyond our wildest dreams because of the connections we’ve made. That’s where R Space was born. The R Space Community is passionate about bringing entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners together in one space so that together we’ll all accomplish more.

If you’re ready to grow your earnings, increase your productivity, and expand your area of influence, join us at R Space.


Next Steps...

Contact us to set up a tour of R Space and find the real-world community for your online presence.